Care Programs

Full Vision Plan

Full Vision Plans provide covered employees and eligible dependents with coverage for, periodic professional vision examinations and materials. Benefits include: exam, frames, lenses, contact lenses, competitive laser surgery discounts, and discounts on lens options (such as tinting, coating, etc.).

  • Available for 2 or More Employees
  • Access to Providers Nationwide
  • Comprehensive Vision Coverage
  • Group Chooses the Plan Design
  • Competitive Rates
  • Online Resources for Employers and Employees

Vision Materials Plan

The Vision Materials Plan was created to complement the eye exam benefit in group medical coverage by providing for frames and other vision materials. Materials include: frames, lenses and contact lenses. There is no eye exam benefit with this plan.

  • Complements the Medical Insurance Exam Benefit
  • Available to Groups with 2 or More Employees
  • Co-Pay for Frames, Lenses, and Contact Lenses
  • Group Chooses Plan Design
  • Access to Providers Nationwide
  • Available as Employer Paid or Voluntary Plan.