Section 125
Cafeteria Plans

Section 125 Premium Only Plan

The Section 125 Premium Only Plan allows employers to give their employees a tax free benefit by taking insurance premiums from an employee's wages before taking out taxes.

  • Reduction of employer & employee taxes
  • Eligible benefits:
    • Health & Accident Insurance Premiums
    • Life Insurance Premiums
    • Health Savings Account contributions

Flexible Spending Account

The Flexible Spending Account (FSA) can be used to reimburse the employee for eligible medical, dental and vision care expenses that are not paid or reimbursed by any medical, dental or vision care insurance program. It can also reimburse your employees for dependent and child care.

  • Eligible expenses include over the counter medicine, orthodontics, nursery care.
    • Debit cards available
    • Plan activity can be accessed online


The laws and regulations concerning COBRA can often be misunderstood and confusing. COBRA administration plans can ease the process by ensuring that all necessary billing, notifications, correspondence, and proper procedures are handled correctly for former employees and dependents. These plans will send the employer notification along with summary reports monthly.


Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) are funded by the employer on a pre-tax basis and allow employees to save for health care expenses. HRA funds belong to the employer, and remain with the employer if the employee leaves the company. Different plan designs are available and can be customized to meet the needs of the employer and employees.


Health Savings Accounts (HSA) are a great way for each employee to have a portable individual account that both employer and employee can contribute to. The dollars contributed are pre-taxed and can be used to pay for qualified medical expenses including most medical, dental, and vision costs. Clients own their HSAs and choose when to spend and when to save. Money in the account carries over from year to year. HSAs must be coupled with an approved high deductible health plan.

Premium Consolidation

Premium Consolidation plans streamline employee benefit portfolios by utilizing one system for multiple carriers offerings. Through Premium Consolidation employers advises of any additions, changes or terminations while the Premium Consolidation plan reconciles all details with applicable carrier.