Stop Loss

With the rising cost of group health care some employers have chosen to self insure their employees. Self insurance means that you, the employer, will pay for your employees' claims, as they are incurred, with your own funds. While this can be a cost-effective method, it can also be a risky one. If numerous employees submit large claims or one individual submits a catastrophic claim your fund can easily be depleted. Stop loss helps protect against this risk. After you have paid a certain predetermined amount, your stop loss policy will pay your employees' medical claims up to the predetermined limit or maximum.

  • Specific (can be used for one employee or family with a large claim)
  • Aggregate (used for several large claims incurred by various employees)

CSA General Insurance Agency, Inc. offers stop loss benefits through two leading providers, Symetra Life Insurance Company and HM Life Insurance Company and they underwrite the risk.