Short Term

Voluntary Short Term Disability (STD) provides replacement of lost income due to non-occupational accident or sickness, including pregnancy or complications of pregnancy, to individuals whose employer has sponsored the plan and has provided for premium payments to be made through payroll deduction.

  • Weekly Benefits up to lesser of $1,150 or 60% of Weekly Salary
  • Employee Chooses Benefit Amount
  • Benefits Payable as Early as the 1st Day for Accident, 8th Day for a Sickness
  • Employer Chooses Plan Design
  • Maximum Benefit Periods: 13 Weeks, 26 Weeks, 52 Weeks
  • Guarantee Issue at Initial and Open Enrollment
  • Maternity Covered as an Illness
  • Pre-Existing 12/12
  • Online Employer Assistance Program (EAP) Included - May be Upgraded to Telephonic or Face-to-Face